“It’s about lying to your girlfriend while trying to get up the courage to tell her you don’t feel anything because you’re destined not to be in love with anyone, ever,” “I went around the room with different instruments, and eventually decided they all wanted to be soloing at different times. The sound of all that aimless jamming made it sound like this ambient, loungy, jam session. And then putting all these voices on top would create this atmosphere of an ongoing ambient party. The guy in the song feels alienated from all this, he’s not part of the party even though he’s in the middle of it. There are all these people, all these voices around him, and he can’t hear what they’re saying.”

- Kevin Parker




"Are we datin’? Are we fuckin’?

Are we best friends? Are we something, in between that?

I wish we never fucked and I mean that.

But not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fuckin’ awesome.”

i need to be alone like the way you left me